Thank you to everyone who submitted applications to the Firefly Frontiers Grant!  
All winners have been notified and will are profiled here.
You may read more about the announcement here.

Firefly BioWorks is happy to announce the inaugural Firefly Frontiers Grant. With this grant, Firefly BioWorks will award $10,000 in products and services to support exploratory studies in the area of microRNA. Firefly BioWorks was founded by MIT alumni to commercialize an innovative, open approach to multiplexed detection of biomolecules. Our flagship product, FirePlex™ miRSelect, allows detection of up to 70 miRNA targets in the same sample and is particularly well suited for profiling large numbers of samples in a short time, such as in biomarker discovery and target validation studies. Users can choose any target from any species (human, mouse, C.elegans, Drosophila, etc.) because every kit is produced to customer specification. Please explore our website to learn more about Firefly BioWorksthe Firefly™ microRNA Assay, and the optional Firefly™ microRNA Service in which samples are processed by Firefly BioWorks. With this request for proposals, Firefly wishes to expand the horizons of microRNA research. We encourage applicants to explore high-impact questions and those high-risk explorations that would not be normally funded through a traditional academic route.

Grants are open to principal investigators, postdoctoral and graduate students in academic and non-profit research institutions. Grant submissions will be reviewed by a panel of non-Firefly BioWorks scientists. Awarding of the grant will be based on the quality, significance, and innovation of the proposed work, as well as on how the work may be enhanced by the use of FirePlex™ mirSelect.

Terms and Conditions:
(1) The entire award must be consumed within 1 year of announcement.
(2) Firefly BioWorks reserves the right to not select a recipient.
(3) Grant submissions, manuscripts, thesis, dissertation, abstracts or presentations of the data as a direct result of data from the grant reward must be reported to Firefly BioWorks.
(4) The award is limited to products developed by Firefly BioWorks and does not extend to the cost of cytometers nor expenses incurred while running the study.

All grant submissions are considered confidential.  Grant submissions will not be published without explicit consent of the submitting party, and the review process will be treated as strictly confidential by reviewers.  

Application deadline: March 29, 2013
Award announcement: April 15, 2013