Find the microRNAs that matter

Firefly™ BioWorks has created an integrated solution for planning, assaying, and analyzing microRNA levels tailored directly to you. Our tools help at every step of your assay from choosing the right targets, to running quick and easy customized assays, to seamlessdata analysis and comparisons.
The Firefly™ Discovery Engine assembles a list of the most important microRNAs and associated genes from the scientific literature for any keyword or topic, putting years of research at your fingertips in seconds.

The Firefly™ Discovery MicroRNA Assay can be completed and analyzed in a single afternoon with only 30 minutes of hands on time and works on standard flow cytometers.
With our free Firefly™ Analysis Workbench you can normalize and compare across any subset of microRNAs and samples to generate publication quality heatmaps and bar graphs in minutes.