What flow cytometers are compatible with the Firefly MicroRNA Assay?

Firefly particles are designed to be read on cytometers that have a blue (488nm) laser with green, yellow, and red detectors. Our microRNA assay has been optimized to work on the Millipore Guava easyCyte 8HT and Millipore Guava easyCyte 6HT, and the BD Accuri C6 benchtop cytometers. For details on calibrating these instruments for our assay click here.  Our assays are also supported for use on the Life Technologies Attune. If you’d like to find out about using our kits on a different cytometer please contact us. We also have an assay that works with the Millipore Muse. It uses the same types of particles and detection method as our standard particles except they have been optimized for the single laser format of the Muse. However, because the Muse has only a single laser, it can read only up to 36 total targets allowing for maximum multiplexing of 34 targets plus the two required internal controls.