Firefly MicroRNA Assay Performance

The Firefly™ microRNA Assay offers high sensitivity and broad dynamic range
-- The Firefly™ microRNA Assay is a versatile, customizable microRNA assay with sub-attomole sensitivity (a detection limit of ~200,000 molecules) and broad dynamic range that can be used directly in cell lysate and tissue digest.  The assay has been validated against qPCR, microarray, and northern blot data and is the next generation in microRNA detection. Unlike many other technologies, the assay is rapid, high-throughput, and requires minimal hands-on time with few pipetting operations.

The hydrogel particles used in the Firefly™ microRNA Assay enable efficient capture of your target molecules throughout the entire particle volume, not just on the surface like competing assays.  This means you can expect consistent expression results over a broad range of assay input amount, as shown on the right. 



The Firefly™ microRNA Assay has single-nucleotide specificity--The Firefly™ microRNA Assay can be used for any organism and any species because of its high specificity.  microRNA expression results from a total RNA extraction of C.elegans (left) show no crosstalk between microRNAs that vary by only 1-2 nucleotides.

The Firefly™ microRNA Assay detects microRNA directly in a variety of biological samples--With the Firefly™ Assay, you can expect microRNA expression results to be representative of your original sample--tumor biopsies, tissue samples, cell culture--regardless of whether you perform an RNA extraction.  


Compatibility with Standard Benchtop Cytometers--the Firefly™ microRNA Assay readily expands the capabilities of almost any cytometer. We support many instruments from BD, Millipore, and Miltenyi. You can read more about support for specific instruments and our expanding capabilities here.