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An "Experiment" is a group of samples (wells) which are processed together.   After they have been grouped, operations such as blank subtraction, normalization, charting and export are carried out on them together.

To define a group, select some wells.   A selection can be defined by dragging over a rectangle.  Control-select toggles the selection status of cells, so an irregular group can be defined by dragging a rectangle and then selectively control-clicking selected wells to remove them, or control-clicking unselected wells to add them.

After selection, click the New Experiment button and a new experiment will appear on the Experiment Panel.    

The default names for experiments are Experiment1, Experiment2, etc.  Experiments can be renamed by clicking on the experiment name.

Experiments can overlap.   It is often useful to have an “All” experiment in addition to the individual experimental groups, for a first tour of the data.  

Individual wells can be Experiments.   

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