Probe Table

The probe table lists the probes found in the selected experiment.

The popup menu provides these functions.

Harvest concentration data
The data in the concentration column is saved for re-use with other datasets.   A popup menu prompts for species and units of the concentration values.
Look up in Discovery Engine
Look up information about the probe in the  FirePlex Discovery Engine
Export data
Save the information in this table to file.
Removes probes from this experiment

The header of the table has a separate popup menu from the body of table, as usual.


To hide all probes except three, bring up the popup menu in the header of the "hide" column.
Choose "select all" - all the checkboxes are checked, making all probes hidden.    (All charts will go blank, since all probes are hidden)
Select the three desired probes.
Bring up the popup menu in the header of the "hide" column.
Choose "uncheck selected".

Alternatively, the desired probes can be un-hidden one by one using the checkboxes.

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