Sample Table

The sample table lists the samples selected in the present experiment, and the values of any variables defined for those samples.

Several items are accessible from the popup menu.

Assign group
Define variable values for the sample.
Variable setup
Set up parameters of the differential analysis (primary variable, control variables, etc).
Group setup
Turn on and off groups for differential analysis
Sort samples by column

Sort samples by Row

Dilution series
The samples selected are considered a dilution series, and sequentially assigned dilutions of 1, 1/D, 1/(D*D), 1/(D*D*D) etc.   The dilution factor D is requested by a popup form.
Subset experiment The selected samples are copied to a new experiment, with the same settings as the samples in the present experiment (hidden, negative, dilutions, etc).
Export data
Save the information in this table to file.
Removes samples from this experiment (does not affect the plate that they came from)

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