Locating the FAW home folder

Fireplex Analysis Workbench stores a variety of information in a folder called .firecode located in the user's home folder.  In particular, it stores

The location of the user's home folder is somewhat system dependent, and especially on Windows can be quite hard to find.  To find home folder, open the file browser and navigate to This PC.   Choose the C: drive. 
In the list on the right, there should be a folder called Users.   If you enter this folder, you should see a folder with your name.  That is the user's home folder.

Image of Windows Explorer

Inside the user's home folder, look for a folder called ".firecode".   The name starts with a period (full stop). 

Image of home folder

Inside the .firecode folder, one of the files is called log.   This is a log of the most recent activity. 

Image of log file

 The log file can be opened in Wordpad or any text editor.   If it is desired to be preserved, it should be renamed, perhaps as log-yyyy-mm-dd.txt so that the next time the workbench starts up it does not rewrite it.