Firefly Analysis Workbench Sample Data

To download data from this area, right-click on a cell and select "Save linked content as..."

Name Data Panel Layout Raw images, if appropriate
FirePlex-96 Immuno FCS file Human-8 Controls
FirePle-96 MicroRNA
FCS file
sample sheet

FirePlex-384 Immunoassay
processed image data file (FCI) panel file (PLX) sample sheet (XLSX) Raw data (TIFF, coming soon)


Step by step analysis of one dataset (PPTX)

Template files

Sample sheet template

Sample sheets can be used to define groups, dilutions and negative control samples.

Plate layout template

Plate layout files are similar to sample sheets, with a more convenient format.

96-well template
384-well template
1536-well template

Panel template

For un-conjugated particles,a template saves time.
  1. Download the Excel file from the template link
  2. Replace the particle tube number with the analyte name
  3. Remove any code lines corresponding to tubes that are not used in the panel being built.  The unused codes don't especially hurt, but they can slow down decoding if no fluorescence spots are found where the panel file says they should be found.
    Also remove the header line, leaving only code lines.
  4. Save out of Excel as a comma separated value file (CSV).  Usually typing a name like "myPanel.csv" suffices to alert Excel that the file should be save in that format.
  5. In the file browser, change the suffix of the file from CSV to PLX.
  6. When prompted by the workbench for a panel file, choose the new PLX file.

Alternatively, when prompted for a panel by FAW, it is fine to simply use the "Grid" option and specify 4x4 code grid.  The only downside is that the analytes are simply labeled Code1...Code16.