Abcam FirePlex

System Requirements:

Java and system FAQs:

What is Java and how is it used?

The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is an application that runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS.  It presents a uniform interface to Java applications so that the same Java application can run on all the operating systems without modification. 

java virtual machine
Java was originally developed at Sun Microsystems, later acquired by Oracle Corp.  A Java application has a JAR suffix.   When wrapped inside a Windows installer, it will have an EXE suffix, like other Windows applications.

How do I use a JNLP file?

JNLP files are the best way to run the Workbench if you have installed Java and have have version 9 or less.  A JNLP file is a short script (about 20 lines) that automatically reaches out and downloads the most recent JAR from the source, so it always up to date without having to install any software when new versions are released.   Using JNLP requires a version of Java installed.

How do I use the Windows installer?

In Java version 10 and later versions, Oracle discontinued support for JNLP files.   To replace the JNLP mechanism, a system-specific installer for Windows is available.   The installer contains the workbench bundled with a copy of the Java virtual machine, so Java does not need to be pre-installed on the machine.   After downloading the installer, run it (may require OK'ing some questions).  The workbench will then be available from the Start menu.

What if I am on Mac or a Linux machine and I have Java 11 or later?

On MacOS or Linux (or on Windows), you can download the JAR file and run it with the help of a one-line script.  The file should have a .bat suffix on Windows; on Linux or Mac it has no suffix by convention.  We cannot provide such a script as it is blocked by firewall policy at most companies.   However you can create one by copying and pasting the following line into a .bat file (Windows) or a shell script (Linux, MacOS) and making it executable.

java -cp firecode.jar com.firefly.firecode.FireCode
When you run the file, it will start the workbench.

Enabling the Java console

For detailed execution information and error messages, you can enable the Java console.

Locating the .firecode folder

To find the log of the most recent run, you can navigate there with the system file browser.

Windows DLL

On some Windows computers, the 32-bit version may fail to start with the error "Failed to find library jli.dll". If that happens, please navigate to the folder
C:\Program Files (x86)\FirePlex Analysis Workbench
and run the file
FirePlex Analysis Workbench.bat

Forcing JNLP reload

If you know there is a new version but firecode.jnlp does not automatically reload, you can force it to update.