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Sample Data

Name Data Panel Layout
Immuno FCS file Human-8 Controls
FCS file

sample sheet

Template files

Sample sheet template

Sample sheets can be used to define groups, dilutions and negative control samples.

Plate layout template

Plate layout files are similar to sample sheets, with a more convenient format.

96-well template
384-well template
1536-well template

Java and system FAQs:

JNLP files:

JNLP files are the best way to run the Workbench if you have Java version 8 or less.   JNLP files automatically self-update when new versions are released.
In Java10 and later versions, Oracle discontinued support for JNLP files.   As an alternative, we are providing system-specific installers (Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit).   You can also download the JAR file and run it with the help of a one-line script, as described below (works on Windows, Mac and Linux).

Forcing JNLP reload

If you know there is a new version but firecode.jnlp does not automatically reload, you can force it to update.

Enabling the Java console

For detailed execution information and error messages, you can enable the Java console.

Locating the .firecode folder

To find the log of the most recent run, you can navigate there with the system file browser.

Using a JAR file

Using firecode.jar requires a short script to execute it.  The file should have a .bat suffix on Windows or .sh on Linux or Mac.   We cannot provide such a script as it is blocked by firewall policy at most companies.   However you can create one by copying and pasting the following line into a .bat or .sh file:
java -cp firecode.jar com.firefly.firecode.FireCode
When you run the file, it will start the workbench.