FirePlex Analysis Workbench release version 2.0.274-ext

Java launcher .jnlp file - all systems

Java .jar file - all systems

Windows installer - 64-bit system

Windows installer - 32-bit system

On some Windows computers, the 32-bit version may fail to start with the error "Failed to find library jli.dll". If that happens, please use the batch file
C:\Program Files (x86)\FirePlex Analysis Workbench\FirePlex Analysis Workbench.bat

Unofficial release 277 (May 24, 2021)

Java launcher .jnlp file - all systems with Java up to version 9 (later versions disabled the JNLP mechanism)

Java .jar file - requires a one-line shell script or batch file

Windows installer - 64-bit system

Historical Releases

Version 2.0.272-ext (27 July 2020).
Windows Installer