Clearing the Java Cache

Sometimes the Java Webstart mechanism that reads JNLP files does not recognize that a new version of the software is available. Webstart can be forced to reload the latest version by clearing old versions from the cache. The instructions to clear the cache are as follows.

Linux or Mac
Type into any terminal
 javaws --clearcache 

Using the command prompt
At the windows Start Menu, type the word "cmd" and hit Enter.
In the command window that appears, type
javaws --clearcache

Using the GUI
At the windows Start Menu, type the word Java and select "Configure Java" from the list of options that appears.
A small window titled "Java Control Panel" appears, with several tabs. Image of Java Control Panel
On the "General" tab, under "Temporary Internet Files", click "Settings...".
A smaller window appears, called "Temporary Files Settings". Image of Temporary Internet Files
Click "Delete Files...".
A smaller still window appears, called "Delete Files and Applications".
Image of DFA.png
There are three checkboxes. Make sure "Cached Applications and Applets" is checked and hit "OK". There will be a short delay while old downloads are removed from the cache.
Then keep clicking "OK" to get rid of each of the new windows created.